About Us

With many years of experience in the field of medical tourism, we proudly present to you Snow White Clinics for Medical Tourism in Turkey, in the hands of the most skilled doctors with many years of practical experience

Our services for you are divided into many sections, some of which are surgical and some are cosmetic, and we offer you services related to hair and hair transplantation with the latest technologies, as well as dental treatment and cosmetic, modern dental implant techniques, as well as a Hollywood smile.

We also offer you everything related to face and body plastic surgery, Botox, skin care, liposuction and many more. And all this with an official license from the Turkish government and under fully specialized medical supervision.

You can communicate with us at any time through any of the means of communication available to us, and our specialized advisors will communicate with you and provide you with all the information that interests you about your health condition, as well as the packages of services available to us, and direct you to the specialized doctor for direct follow-up.

We also have a specialized department for accommodation and hotel reservations to receive you since your arrival in Turkey at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. And French …