Beard hair transplant

Over the years, beard and moustache have been one of the most important signs of beauty in men, as a man always wants an ideal density and shape for the beard and moustache. The hair in these areas of the man is usually of high density and the probability of hair loss in them is very little elastic to the hair of the head, but in some special cases.

In some cases, the genetic factor may be the most important, as the person by its genetic nature has beard hair, two moustaches of low density, low-thick hair, which exposes him to constant breakage and loss, or may create voids in the face that give an uncomfortable appearance to some people.

But there is no longer to worry about any of these reasons, as with the development of science and the development of medical techniques, it’s possible today to restore beard and moustache hair or intensify them optimally to the shape of the face, as well as hair transplantation in cases, where the beard hasn’t sprouted for genetic reasons, for example, in just a few hours

Beard hair transplant

Men’s beards is usually transplanted by a fetility method as follicles can be extracted from the donor area behind the head above the neck in the form of a strip that extends several centimeters wide, because the hair in this area is the thickest and usually less susceptible to genetic loss.

The number of follicles is determined by the doctor as required, whether to fully implant the beard or to fill and thicken the gaps within the hair in the beard, as the appropriate follicles are predetermined before starting the operation procedures.

Moustache hair transplant

In general, the extractive method is used in the process of moustache hair transplantation for men, where it determines the number of follicles to be extracted from the donor area just as in the beard, but we do not need a large number to cover the area of the moustache usually because of the difference in the area between the two cases, and the operation.

Preparatory steps for the operation

Before starting the beard or moustache hair transplant process, the doctor determines and draws the most appropriate shape of the beard and moustache according to the shape of the face, the age of the patient, the nature of the hair, its thickness and the number of follicles that can be extracted according to the condition of each patient. The doctor then determines the most appropriate number of extract and determines the donor area that is sufficient for the required number. Then, under local anesthesia, the follicles are extracted using a micro-FUE device. The extracted follicles are placed in a nourishing liquid.

The canals are then opened with the same diameter as the follicles extracted in the face according to the drawing identified and the number of follicles, after which the follicles are planted individually in each of the specially opened channels. Moustache and beard transplantation  is  done within  a few hours,  but  it  gives  lasting results  for life,  and  the transplanted hair will have a completely natural hair appearance as it was taken from the patient’s own body and this makes the body accept it very well without any problems in tissue compatibility.

What after hair transplant

After the hair transplantation process, the Snow-White Clinics team will provide you with the necessary instructions to use the special medicines, creams and shampoos necessary after the operation that help complete recovery, and provide him with all the instructions for the activities of daily life that we seek within the days after the operation. The transplanted hair usually falls out completely after the operation during the first month, but don’t worry, the hair will return to full growth during the following months, and we will reach the final result within 6 to 7 months after the operation.