Neurological Operations

Diseases of the nervous system and brain are common diseases in human in general, and the problems that lead to fatigue and papain infected people range from diseases of neck hernia to diseases of the nervous system to brain and nerve, Infections and others, each of which requires different therapeutic procedures.

The most common brain and nervous system problems can be identified as follows:

  • Brain hemorrhage formed for reasons such as 2 arterial dilation (vascular bubble)
  • Herniated disc.
  • Brain tumors.
  • Neck hernia.
  • Brain water accumulation and congenital spinal cord disorders.
  • Hand and wrist canal disease.
  • Brain hemorrhage and coma that forms after accidents.
  • Spinal fractures formed as a result of accidents and other factors.
  • Spinal cord tumors.

And many other special and less common diseases that we mentioned here, and Turkey is one of the most common treatment destinations among patients to treat all cases related to neurological diseases, as many operations are performed daily by Turkish doctors.

At Snow White Medical Tourism Clinics in Turkey, we offer you integrated treatment programs with regard to neurosurgery. From the moment you contact us, we fill out the patient’s information form so that the treating doctor will make an initial diagnosis of the condition and determine the best treatment plan for him, whether therapeutic, surgical or both. Then our specialized team makes all reservations for hotel accommodation as well as transfers to and from the hospital according to the treatment plan. It also provides you with specialized translation in the hospital during public examinations and at the times of surgeries in the language you speak and without any problems related to communication between the patient and the treating doctor.

The therapeutic services provided by our medical team include the following operations:

  • Brain and spinal cord surgeries.
  • Resection of brain tumors.
  • A hernia operations of all kinds.
  • Brain and spine operations.