Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiology is one of the most important medical specialties for which Turkey is famous and is highly distinguished. It has also become one of the main destinations for patients wishing to underg. Drug or surgical treatments for various heart diseases.

Cardiac contourage can cause abnormal deaths if the patient does not quickly consult a specialist doctor to take the necessary steps for treatment, which may result from various reasons, including  with regard to the life of the patient’s life in general, including with regard to malfunction in other body systems, which may be directly reflected in the work of the heart muscle, which is the basis of pumping blood into the body and thus the body is fully affected.

The most common cases of treatment of cardiovascular diseases that are treated in Turkey, the most common of which are a

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Coronary angiography
  • Open heart operations
  • Network installations and arteria expansions.

And many other cases that are carried out by the most skilled Turkish doctors and using the latest medical and surgical equipment, which Turkish hospitals provide significantly and are still developing permanently in cooperation with the most important hospitals and medical universities as well as research centers around the world.

One of the common operations in Turkey is the repair and opening of the arteries in the heart through laparoscopic surgery, where a chest wound is opened only about 5 cm to complete the operation without opening the chest using an intelligent robot that helps the surgeon to complete the work with the least fatigue of the patient, as well as he can return to his normal life in the least possible time after the completion of the endoscopy. This makes this technique for cardiac surgery safer, more effective and less painful for the patient than traditional surgery.

We at Snow White Medical Tourism in Turkey help you from the first steps of treatment. The treatment plan initially includes providing a detailed report on the initial examination of the case according to the information you provide to our medical consultants when you contact us directly from our free consultation link and then prepare everything necessary since your arrival from hotel stay, specialized translation and additional services that you can see in detail here.