Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most desirable waves around the world in terms of medical tourism and cosmetic operations, whether for men or women, due to Turkey average position and close to many countries as it is a distinctive tourist destination and its visitors annually in million, and the most important is the strong and distinctive experience of doctors and medical centers, as well as the wonderful results obtained by thousands of patients in the past years.

Also because of the availability of the additional services provided by specialized centers, including Snow White Medical Tourism Clinics, such as hotel reservations, reception, translation and providing permanent follow-up with the patient of all times.

We also offer you free consultations with a distinguished team of doctors and consultants, as well as providing you with permanent offers and special discounts with the best service and the highest quality.

The plastic surgery available in Turkey is divided into several sections, including surgical and non-surgical, and varied for the face or body as well. At Snow White Clinics, we offer you these services by a distinguished medical team.

Cosmetic Surgeries include:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyebrow lifts
  • Surgical facelift
  • Prominent otoplasty
  • Sculpting and liposuction operations
  • Treatment of scar effects and burns
  • Non-surgical cosmetic

Surgeries include:

  • Face and forehead lift
  • Botox and filler injections
  • Laser face lift and thread lift