Eye Operations

Eye surgery and vision correction are one of the most common operations that affect people due to many factors, including what is genetic, including what is old, as well as people from some other accidents or injuries.

The most important treatments include the following:

Vitrectomy surgery

Located in middle of the human eye is the vitreous body, which is a gel body that pours into the retina that passes light at certain angles until the images reaching the eye become clear as best as possible. In some cases, the vitreous body seperates from the retina,, which requires a surgical procedure to remove it. In this process, vitreous gel  victrectomy is performed by ophthalmologist who specializes in this type of surgery.

Retinal surgery

In some special cases where the patient is exposed to severe accidents or collisions that may separate the retina in the eye and lead to total or partial vision loss, retinal detachment results from its withdrawal from its normal place away from the back of the eye and its nourishing blood vessels, which affects its role in clarity of vision. Surgical solution must be resorted to as soon as possible.

Surgical intervention for patients with retinal detachment ensures that the eye’s ability to see is restored again. Retinal detachment is one of the pathological conditions that leads to permanent vision loss when immediate treatment is neglected.

Corneal eye transplant

Or as it is scientifically called keratoplasty, which is a surgical procedure performed by local anesthesia in which part of the patient’s cornea is replaced by tissues of another donor’s cornea is replaced by tissues of another donor’s cornea identical to it. The cornea is fully grafted, which is the transparent part of the eye that is in the form of a dome that covers the front surface of the eye and covers the part of the light enters into the eye to reach the retina. In the event of any damage to the cornea, the patient is at risk of losing a large part of the clarity of vision in his eyes.

Instructions after the operation

Depending on the operation and the surgical procedure you are doing, there will be many important instructions provided by the competent doctor and helps you understand them in detail when needed, the specialized translator who is with you from the Snow White Medical Tourism team. And the patient must adhere to the instructions regularly and seriously to avoid any complications that may occur when dealing wrong with the eye, due to the sensitivity of the eye to any change and its great importance.

The services we offer you

At Snow White Medical Tourism Clinics in Turkey, we offer you integrated treatment programs with regard to eye operations, retinal surgery and corneal transplantation by the most skilled ophthalmologists in Turkey. You can communicate directly with our medical consultants to fill out a patient form with the necessary information. Then the doctor will evaluate the condition and determine the best treatment plan according to his condition, age and many other factors, then start hotel accommodation and private transportation according to the treatment program, as well as provide a specialized interpreter to be with you at the hospital at all times during the examinations or at times of surgeries