Eyebrow Hair transplant

Eyebrow Hair transplant

Eyebrow hair is usually characterized in men and woman as a hair that maintains its lengths and health for long periods, but in a few cases a person loses eyebrow hair completely or partially for many reasons, including what is satisfactory and ending what is psychological and in some cases taking some medicines leads to the loss of eyebrow hair, as well as some accidents or burns load to a or partial loss of eyebrow hair.

The change in the density or demise of eyebrow hair leads significantly to changing the natural facial features of the human being, which leads to dissatisfaction with the overall shape of the face in many patients.

People resort to many Solutions, including what is pharmacological and some of which is surgical, but in general, the best solution is to transplant eyebrow hair accurately according to the optimal eyebrow drawing of the face.

Eyebrow hair transplants are performed in a perception method, where the doctor extracts appropriate follicles from the donor and implants in the eyebrow according to the optimal eyebrow drawing determined by the doctor before starting the operation.

Actions needed before starting the process

The specialist doctor initially determines the number of follicles that can be extracted that will be enough to cover the entire area of the eyebrows according to the drawing that will also be determined at this stage, in order to obtain the ideal density of eyebrows according to the type, color and sickness of the patient’s hair. The drawing of the eyebrows is also determined in the final form in conjunction with the patient, taking into account the opinion of the doctor because he has the greatest experience in this, and also taking into account the shape of the face.

The number of follicles to be transplanted in the eyebrows identified is extracted under aroscopic anesthesia of the donor area behind the head above the neck and between the ears in the form of a strip with a height of about 1 to 2 cm and a width of about 9 cm. The doctor uses the sperm unit (micro FUI) individually for each follicle. After completing the selection of the entire required follicles.

The resulting follicles are placed in a nutrient liquid to maintain them properly until they are planted in the desired place in the eyebrows channels are opened according to the thickness of the extracted follicles.

Eyebrow  hair  transplantation  is  usually done  within  3  hours  and  immediately  after  the completion of the operation, the patient will get a new eyebrow hair and its shape will develop to reach the final result within 6 to 7 months. Then the end result will be fully demonstrated.

Instructions for care of transplanted hair

After the completion of eyebrow hair transplant, it will be necessary for the patient to pay special attention to the transplanted hair from the first moments after the end of the operation until the fully recovery period, which extends for several months. Special creams and shampoo suitable for the hair should be used, which will provide you with all the information about the Snow White Medical Tourism Clinics team.