Hollywood smile

with the increasing interest of people in getting a distinctive smile as well as a whiter tooth tone, because of the teeth have a great impact on the appearance of the smile, many people have started several ways to get the best results for a perfect smile, and the best of these methods has become a Hollywood smile known as (Hollywood smile) which is the smile of stars around the world.

What's Hollywood smile?

It is one of the cosmetic procedures for the teeth and is carried out under full medical supervision, aimed at obtaining the best harmony between the shape, size and tone of the teeth to support the face and features of the patient to obtain the most ideal degree of smile. It includes several steps before that, including repairing dental problems, treating what needs to be treated, treating the gums and any health problems in them, as well as removing some teeth in certain cases appreciated by the treating doctor. Any deviations in the direction of the teeth are also corrected as well as the treatment and modification of birth defects in the patient.

Types of Hollywood smile

Every day, the techniques and materials used in dental prosthodontics to obtain a Hollywood smile develop distinctively. These techniques are based on increasing the durability of the lenses that are glued to the teeth and also reducing their thickness as much as possible. And thus easy to install them and obtaining results that are comfortable for the patient and closer to normal.

Installing a Hollywood smile with dental veneers

It’s considered one of the most common materials in Hollywood smile prosthesis, as it constitutes a suitable option in terms of the materials used, which is veneers, as well as in terms of durability and shelf life of teeth as well as in terms of materiality and cost.

In short, it’s a ceramic veneer solid enough to form a new front facade of the teeth and form the optimal smile for the patient. It consists of porcelain and other ceramic materials for the teeth, and it’s also made of non-pigmentable materials so that the patient can return to his normal life fully after installation.

Dental veneers continue to be developed permanently to obtain thicker formulations from it and thus provide suitable average of teeth without waste to scrape or cool layers of the tooth before installation or reduce the thickness of the layer that needs to be cold as much as possible.

What are zirconium compounds and what are their uses?

Zirconium formulations are the most common choice in correcting teeth colors and shapes, and zircon has been preferred as a supporting material for porcelain restorations for a long time, becoming the most common supporting material.

There are many different characteristics that make zirconia the most sought after. The most distinctive characteristic is its light-transparent structure, as this feature gives us a tooth shape that is completely compatible with the structure of natural teeth. It is completely white and does not require any additional opaque materials like other restoration materials of gray color, which need certain techniques during their application to avoid the problem of opacity.

As a result, it becomes possible to save more space for the porcelain when it is used as a backing material. Faces made of zirconium are stronger and longer lasting compared to other options in terms of resistance and adhesion, and it does not contain any component harmful to health and does not cause any allergic effect, which makes it a safe and comfortable option for everyone.

Questions and answers about Hollywood smile

Does installing a Hollywood smile cause any pain?

Hollywood smile filling and veneer lens fittings usually cause no pain and are often done with local anesthesia.

Can Hollywood smile be done without cold teeth?

In some special cases, the doctor can complete the operation without cold teeth but according to many criteria, including the shape and protrusion of the jaws and teeth, that is, the final decision for this is for the treating doctor as it has the greatest impact on the final shape of the teeth after the Hollywood smile operation.

Important tips after installing Hollywood smile

After the completion of the process of installing the new veneers lenses on the teeth, the treating doctor provides the patient with advice to follow according to his special condition, and then the patient can live normally with attention to the cleanliness of the mouse and teeth well and permanently, as well as have no effect on eating or drinking in general, but he must avoid pressure on the teeth significantly so that veneers lenses are not scratched or broken and faced to replace them in some case.