IVF Baby

IVF aims to help a woman get pregnant in cases where it is usually not possible to conceive normally or to treat some cases of infertility, which include several reasons:

  • Age as the chance of a normal pregnancy with age is lower in women.
  • Problems related to the female reproductive system such as endometriosis or blockage of the egg ducts.
  • Fertility problems or sperm count in a husband.
  • In some cases the wife is unable to conceive and have children for unexplained reasons.

In cases where the couple resort to IVF there are many steps that must be taken before the operation, and over the years Turkey has had a great experience in the field of IVA, where thousands of IVF operations are performed annually and have high success rates, due to the long experience of Turkish doctors over the years.

We at Snow White Medical Tourism Clinics in Turkey offer you appropriate treatment plans if you want to have an IVF with the most important doctors. We also offer you all accompanying services from the moment you arrive in Turkey, where we provide you with hotel accommodation and transfers to and from the hospital according to your treatment program, as well as specialized interpreters within the hospital during routine examinations and at the times of the operation.

IVF procedures in Turkey :

When you make the decision to have IVF in Turkey with Snow White Clinics, all you have to do is contact our team of medical consultants to fill out your information form for the doctor to review the case and a detailed report is sent in which all the information about the case is sent with the appropriate treatment plan and the dates you come to Turkey.

After arrival, the specialist conducts an initial examination to start with the wife’s treatment program, which includes the procedure of stimulating the ovaries to produce eggs. The process of egg growth is monitored through ultrasound, after which the best time to withdraw the eggs is determined.

Egg retrieval stage:

A simple procedure in which the eggs are withdrawn from the wife’s body to be properly preserved until the stage of sperm transplantation in it, and the operation is carried out within one day and does not require special procedures or stay in the hospital for a longer time.

Vaccination and fertilization:

It is the last stage in which sperm is implanted within the egg laboratory and the operation is carried out with a few hours and then the fertilized egg is transplanted into the womb again and the operation is carried out in its first step by the doctor, which is the most accurate and its accuracy is due to the experience of the treating doctor.

More about IVF operations in Turkey:

As mentioned earlier, this type of operation has been performed for many years in Turkey, which has created cumulative experience among Turkish doctors in this field. At Snow White Medical Tourism, we conduct our treatments in the most important hospitals in Istanbul with success rates exceeding 86% for cases where eggs have been transplanted.