Hair transplant for ladies

Through the ages, women’s hair formed one of the most prominent signs of beauty, and skincare products, both natural and manufactured, take a large part of the woman’s beauty products market.

Genetic baldness is usually not a reason for a woman to lose her hair, as the genetic factor is very weak. In this regard, but in some cases it may cause a reduction in the density of hair and not complete baldness as in men, but in some cases it causes other psychological or organic factors or because of the use of some drugs or chemotherapy, as well as because of the use of dyes and poor care materials that may cause partial loss of hair, or may cause weakness in the structure of the hair, which breaks it quickly and permanently fallout in quantities greater than the daily limit allowed for natural loss, which ranges from 50 to 150 hairs according to the hair and its nature of each person.

In the event of replaceable hair loss using medical treatments, the only permanent solution for ladies to restore the density of natural hair is to transplant head hair, and as in customary for Hair transplantation for Men. Head hair transplantation for women is done without shaving the head hair completely, in order to take into account the privacy of woman and so that you do not have to wait many years to regain the length of the original hair you want. Many techniques and medical devices have been developed that help extract follicles, open canals and hair transplant without shaving it.

Preparations for hair transplantation for women

The specialist doctor conducts the initial examination of the patient to determine the nature of the areas that are missing or have a low density and we want to intensify them. He also examines the type, thickness and nature of hair. He also determines the number of follicles he needs to cover all areas of lost hair according to the case and according to the nature and density of the donor.

The donor area is usually sufficient in most cases because the nature of the hair in the area which is located in the back area of the head above the neck between the ears, is ideal in terms of thickness and the hair is Less likely to fall or lose for any reason, so it’s usually adopted to take the follicles from it and transplant them in the desired place.

If the Fallen hair is located at the front of the head, it’s important to define the forehead line which separates the transplant area from the forehead and that the hair is transplanted as proportional to the shape of the face as possible.

The process of extracting the follicles is carried out under local anesthesia and the follicles are extracted according to the number required in the previous stage and placed in a nutritious liquid. Then the channels are opened in the required areas using the most appropriate tools according to the techniques determined by the competent doctor. Then, the follicles are transplanted into the new channels to take their new location as planned to form the density for the new hair.

After hair transplant for ladies

The transplanted hair usually falls out during the first month after the operation, but this is never a cause of concern as the transplanted follicles will grow back and produce new hair within a few months and we will also reach the final result in a period of about 6 to 7 months after the operation.

Taking care of the transplanted hair according to the instructions provided by our team is the most important as it will extend for months, which contributes to the growth of as much of the transplanted follicles as possible and therefore better results.