Organ Transplants

Organ Transplants in Turkey

Hospitals in Turkey top the list of the most preferred destination in patients from the Middle East and Europe significantly because of the long experience of Turkish doctors in this field, which culminated in hundreds of cases conducted by each of them, which refined their experience and thus greatly increased the effectiveness rates of organ transplants.

Method of organ transplants

Transplants are usually done from a nearby donor to the fourth degree of the patient according to the type of operation and the matching of tissues of the patient and the donor: in some cases, organ transplantation and transplantation from the dead are also done in special cases and within the laws of the state regarding organ transfer and donation before death.

What about Turkey in this area

As mentioned earlier, the great development in the equipment, techniques and surgical procedures for organ transplantation of the patient globally in general and in Turkey in particular has made it distinguished in this field. We at Snow White Medical Tourism Clinics provide you with all consulting services to connect you with the most skilled doctors and modern hospitals, which include the latest equipment and technologies for various types of organ transplantation.

We also offer you accompanying programs of hotel accommodation reservations while you are in Turkey for treatment, as well as transfers according to the estimated program from the treating doctor and also specialized translation at all times. When you are available for treatment in the hospital, To book a consultation, you can contact us directly via WhatsApp to fill out the free consultation form from the following link.