Oncology Treatment

Millions of cases of different cancers around the world are diagnosed annually, up to about 15 million current ones, and these numbers and percentages are increasing day by day as a result of the change in the nature of life and food and the great effects of pollution and the change of atmosphere in general, as well as due to genetic reasons and many others.

As a result, research is a greatly developed to reach the origin of different diseases and tumors as well as effective treatments for different types. Just as the proportions vary for each disease, the grades of each case change quickly or slowly according to several factors, including the patient’s age health situation, the nature of his life, the family’s medical history and other factors no less important than these.

 In Turkey, the development of centers for the tumors continues, and also important and what is focused on is early diagnosis, which greatly increases the cure rate.

Types of Treatments being worked on in Turkey:

Over the past years, Turkish hospitals have witnessed a great development in techniques and methods of treating tumors, including nuclear medicine and interventional radiology as well as oncology surgeries. In many cases after the diagnosis of the disease, tumor resection is the best solution, and in other cases, certain treatments can be started before surgery. All these solutions develop very quickly and the mechanisms for their implementation change permanently.

What we offer you at Snow White Medical

We also provide you with treatment plans that include hotel accommodation and specialized translation services in all languages that make it easier for you to communicate properly with the specialist doctor during the treatment.

Since we de with the most skilled doctors and the best hospitals and medical centers  we offer you our services for early detection and clinical diagnosis of various cases, as well as preventive or therapeutic interventions for various cases at the discretion of specialized doctors.